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Welcome to the Association Vukovar Butterflies

The Association Vukovar Butterflies was founded in 2011 at the initiative of a group of parents of children with disabilities, to provide support and develop the potential of these children and ensure their equal inclusion in all aspects of life. At that time, in Vukovar-Srijem County, children with disabilities did not have access to adequate care and treatment, nor could they attend regular kindergartens and schools, and they did not have access to teaching assistants. The members of the Association are very active in preventing and fighting discrimination based on health and social status. So far, numerous protests, roundtable discussions, and meetings with all relevant stakeholders, especially with the Ombudsman for Persons with Disabilities and the Ombudsman for Children, have been organized. Through our engagement, we have contributed to changes in public policies and the rights of children with disabilities and influenced a change in the general public’s awareness through numerous media appearances. Since its inception, the Association has been involved in a series of advocacy activities to improve the position of children with disabilities in the community, towards local authorities, relevant ministries, and the Croatian Government. This has resulted in recognizing the status of Provider of Social Services and signing contracts with the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family, and Social Politics.

The Association has received:

  • State Award for humanitarian work (2019).
  •  State Award for the promotion of children’s rights (2021).
  • Public recognition – plaque from the City of Vukovar for promoting the rights of children with disabilities and improving the quality of their lives (2020). 
  • Croatian Women’s Network Award – Influential Croatian Woman, 2020 in the category of philanthropy, Viktorija Matin.
  •  Pride of Croatia Award – Viktorija Matin (2023). 

Values and Operating Principles

The Association of Vukovar Butterflies is the only organization in Vukovar-Srijem County that bases its work on improving medical and social care for children with disabilities. Accordingly, the Association plans, organizes, and implements activities for improving children’s welfare. It has a strong influence on raising the awareness of the local community regarding the importance of including children with disabilities in all aspects of social and public life. By incorporating highly educated professionals into its work, the Association aims to emphasize the importance of continuous rehabilitation by creating the most favorable environment for children with disabilities. The recognizability of the quality of our work can be seen through the number of involved children, positive results of organized therapies, and the support and monitoring from the local government of the City of Vukovar and the Vukovar-Srijem County, as well as the Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family, and Social Policy, Ministry of Science and Education, Central State Office for Demography and Youth, numerous donors, supporters, and volunteers, as well as the number of obtained various national and EU projects.


Our vision is to create a society that provides equal opportunities and social inclusion for children with disabilities.


To ensure equal opportunities for a quality life and to meet the healthcare, social, educational, and cultural needs of children with disabilities. Through our actions, we aim to promote human rights and contribute to the development of civil society.

Guiding Principle

Respect all rights, and we will change the world!


The Association aims to enhance the quality of life, and medical and social care for children with disabilities and their families. The Association promotes the rights of children with disabilities through the following objectives:

  •  Continuous medical and habilitative care
  •  Promotion of the principle of equal opportunities
  • Non-discrimination
  •  Fostering and encouraging an inclusive culture in society
  •  Full participation in society to the best of their abilities
  • Embracing disability as an integral part of human diversity
  • Respecting the rights of parents and their circumstances
  •  Providing education and socialization for children with disabilities


  • The association strives to establish and maintain collaborations with parents of children with disabilities, professionals, institutions, and associations. With associations, we aim to collaborate on a local and international scale.

  • It aims to inform members and the general public about the specific challenges children with disabilities and their families are facing.

  • The association is committed to promoting the development of essential facilities, such as daycare centers, educational and vocational institutions with tailored programs, integration facilities, and healthcare institutions.

  • In collaboration with experts, the association coordinates various programs for children with disabilities encompassing cultural, sports, and playgroups.

  • The association hosts professional events such as conferences, consultations, seminars, and similar gatherings.

  • It actively promotes education and professional development for professionals working with children with disabilities.

  • The association is maintaining partnerships with the local community, including other associations and Vukovar Polytechnic’s physiotherapy studies we coordinate volunteer activities. These efforts aim to nurture an inclusive culture among future professionals and advocates.

  • The association Vukovar Butterflies organizes social events within its community, such as playgroups, workshops, and entertainment, to promote socialization among children.

  • Some activities include publishing that aligns with the association’s objectives and tasks. Materials may include information regarding disseminating information and collaborating on translating professional literature.

  • The association actively participates in the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid.

  • It is also involved in creating and selling souvenirs.

  • Additionally, the association takes on various other tasks regarding enhancing and improving the quality of life for children with disabilities, and their families.

Association of parents of children with disabilities Vukovar butterflies

Association Vukovar butterflies is a provider of psychosocial support services for children with disabilities

Would you like to donate?

The association is funded through fundraising campaigns, donations, and projects. We are grateful to our donors and funders for their kind financial support as well as the support of our Volunteers.  Thanks to your donations, our children receive support every day that makes a significant difference in their lives. Thank you!

Addiko Bank

Account number 2500009-1101363619
IBAN: HR62 2500 0091 1013 6361 9

Every family has its own story, welcome to ours!